Nathan Helberg - Creator of ZUU

"I had the privilege of certifying David Grant in 2015 with his ZUU Level 1 qualification.
Over the years I have personally trained alongside David and seen his many skill sets in action. From building culture full of camaraderie and growing that into a community to regressing movements in a one on one situation. His dedication to his profession is exceptional and he consistently delivers a very high standard of consultation. I have no hesitation in recommending David Grant."


"Since starting ZUU stamina and speed have improved for obstacle course races and marathons, particularly for hills. Recurring shoulder and IT band injuries have gone. But the best thing is within minutes of starting a Zuu class with Dave, even with people I have never met before, we are all in a great positive mind set pushing ourselves and encouraging each other to get through it. Would recommend Dave and Zuu to anyone."

Merie Phillips

"Dave has been extremely supportive and is always checking to make sure I'm picking the right choices and giving me good advice when I feel I'm struggling with my busy life style. My life style has changed for the better and I am so happy with my results which have been inch loss, more energy, healthier snacking and confidence. Dave always makes me feel good about my progress."

Michael O’Neil

"Dave always keeping the workouts fun and enjoyable. If you are a little short in faith in yourself no problem, he’ll let you borrow
some of his till you get yours back.
He believed in me when i didn't believe in me."


"I have been training with Dave for over a year.
He has helped me improve all areas of my fitness while reducing the number of strains and injuries we all suffer from while training. I would highly recommend."


"Training with Dave I have managed to lose 3% body fat, 3 inches off my hips and 2 inches off my waist over a three month period. Dave is always very positive, he motivates and encourages me especially when trying challenging exercise i struggle with."